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Last month I was asked by a national company who specialises in conservatory renovations to photograph a recently completed project of theirs. This wonderful interior has been transformed from a cold and unused space of the house to the centre of family life in the home. Complete with kitchen, sitting area and log burner. The large windows open out onto views across the uninterrupted Dartmoor Countryside making for a bright and airy space pleasant enough for year-round use, something which can seldom be said of most conservatories!

When photographing this interior, I had the challenge of consistently changing light levels due to cloud movement over the sun, reflections on the glass and ‘hot spots’ of sunlight on furniture and fittings. As I was keen to use only the natural daylight from the large windows, it meant some ‘cloud watching’ and carefully timed exposures were needed. As well as the interior decor a key feature of this interior is the solid white ceiling, which replaced the old-fashioned glass roof of the past. This fully insulted warm roof is key to the year round use of this space and needed to be carefully thought about in all angles.

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