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As a corporate photographer I am regularly commissioned to photograph business portraits and corporate headshots of company staff. These typically include senior board members for annual reports or key staff members for use on a bio page on company websites and literature. Professional headshots take place at their convenience in client offices, meeting rooms or outside locations, often coinciding with management meetings and AGM’s. I’m centrally located in the UK so providing professional headshots in London or corporate photography in Birmingham and the Midlands is always within reach.

As a professional photographer I carry with me a portable lighting studio and an array of high-quality portrait lenses to give each of my subjects the correct lighting and a ‘look’ in keeping with their current branding and company style. I find the key to photographing people whether ‘at work’ or in a formal portrait, is to be friendly and reassuring, allowing the person to relax behind the lens and let their professional persona shine through.

One aspect of my business photography I enjoy the most is photographing staff members in their natural working environment, carrying out their usual role. More images of ‘people at work’ and portraits can be see on my Editorial portfolio here.